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Celebrating National Pet Month

Celebrating National Pet Month

April is National Pet Month.  The aim is to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership and celebrate the benefits of pets.

Here at the Keepsake Co we know that pets are such an important part of the family and deserve to be cherished in the same way as other family members.

Our fabulous keepsake artists make a range of charms, beads, and raised impressions with paw prints to capture pet paws, noses, hooves, and even hair and fur.

Here’s some examples of their work

National Pet Month Keepsakes

Pictured here are a horse hair Locks of Love bead made by Dotty About Phoebe, a nose print charm made by The Wishing Jar and a paw print bead by Two Green Lane.

National Pet Month celebration

These images show raised impressions of paw prints by Four Shining Stars, a paw print barrel bead by Lasting Touch and a paw print charm by Pretty Little Dragonfly.

To find your nearest keepsake artist, please use our keepsake map.

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