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Be Your Own Boss: 10 reasons to go for it

Be Your Own Boss: 10 reasons to go for it

We love helping people to set up their own business, supporting them along their journey.  It can be a scary thought, but with our help, there’s no reason not to go for it. Here’s our top ten reasons to be your own boss:

  1. Passion – When you become your own boss, you decide what kind of business you want.  There’s nothing better than earning money doing something you love; a creative business is a perfect way to combine using your skills and making a living
  2. Daily Flexibility – As your own boss you set your hours.  If your local nursery only has spaces on Tuesdays and Fridays, those can be your working days. If your little one does a half day every day, you can fit your business into those times.  Even if you don’t have kids, running your own business gives you the chance to go to the gym or the supermarket when they are quiet and work at times of the day that suit you.
  3. Monthly Flexibility – Do you want to have the whole summer off?  Would you like to work term time only? If you’re the boss, you set the schedule.
  4. Control – You decide which products you sell, how much you charge for them, and whether you run your business through physical events or online marketing.  There’s a wide range of keepsakes from silver fingerprint jewellery, 3D castings, raised impressions, sublimation and more.  You could also combine keepsakes with photography, artwork or other crafts.
  5. No commute – If you work from home there’s no daily commute to tackle. Or if you have a workshop or office, you can decide when you travel there and avoid the traffic.
  6. Colleagues – No more horrible bosses or annoying colleagues.  If you’re the boss you can decide who you work with, or to go it alone.
  7. Reduce childcare costs – When you run your own business you can maximise your childcare time, you don’t need to waste a single minute travelling to work or fitting in to set hours. As soon as the kids are dropped off you can get to work. You can also fit in extra hours when they are asleep or happily occupied – there’s not many office jobs that will let you do that.
  8. Less stress – Running your own business isn’t easy, but you are in charge.  You still have to juggle family and work, but on your own terms. We provide lots of help and support for our keepsake artist from setting up websites, design and branding, marketing and social media to help navigate all aspects of being your own boss
  9. Pride in what you do – There’s nothing more satisfying than creating and selling products you have made yourself and put love and energy into.  The feeling you get when people are keen to buy things you have caringly created is unbeatable.
  10. Your business can grow with you – You might want to start small, perhaps along side a part time or full time job, or you could be on maternity leave. Whatever your situation when you are the boss you can develop your business to suit you.  As your children get older, or your circumstances change you can adapt your business to fit in.

Be your Own Boss – Let us help Be Your Own Boss 10 reasons

It can be a scary prospect when you think about becoming your own boss and starting your own business, but that’s why we’re here. We’re passionate about supporting people to get their own business up and running successfully.  All you need is energy and commitment, we can help with training, set-up, marketing, and buckets of support along the way.

If you want to be your own boss please get in touch, we’d love to tell you more.

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